Model dump…

I guess she was in import tuner, who knew…

I belive my future ex-wife is named Lana Lopez.




Kunny you so funny!

Kunnys japan 2011 DI car, saw it when he first go it on his blog and this option video on youtube.

Baller for sure!

Found these on FRSEDAN im sure or Jasons grain of salt blog either way their on my blog roll. 🙂

2011 is most deft the step your game up year in VIP

It was bound to happen I was just waiting on how long till it did. Yea I know people have been doin it for a while, but that to me was more DUB style if you will.

pictures from TAS 2011 I found these over at VIP STYLE CARS

Junction Produce Roll-Royce on double douces, lowered and all the JP bells and whistles.

This is by far my favorite luxury car in the world, although its just a mercedes-benz S-class.

Auto Couture Maybach


even the dude in the backs likes that ass. lol  

last is this bentley.

ASI Bentley Continental Flyin Spur

Do you know y I pulled you over sir?

Friend:Because im bawss?

Officer: No bc you axles are broken.

Friend: there not broken I did that on purpose.

Officer: O_O

True story, friend had a good amount off camber but nothing close to these dudes. Im sure a cop would trip balls and probly tow your shit, if you rolled like this in the states lol.

Btw he got away with out gettin a ticket the cops chatted with us and said we are crazy for doin that to cars, cop was hella cool and being Nevada, they dont really give a shit what you do to your car unless its a honda with a muffler or you piss them off or get a rookie on his high horse.



My other fetish

s13’s, since 97….

This one makes me giggle like a japanese school girl.

326POWER  sexyness!

Im sure alot of you have seen this RPS13 from TAS 2011 on speedhunters and other various blogs ( that are on my blog roll) , but it also makes warm and fuzzy on the inside no homo ofcourse..


Formula D, please take notes.