Naked girls

Can not drive!


Get that ass up!

I have no clue what style this is, or what to make of it, let alone how I feel about it.  Ive seen a few videos of cars rolling like this in japan.

Now the question is goin to be…..

Who will do this in america???

Black Panther!

This Celsior looks like its stalking his pray.

Ls600hl projectors/blacked out housing combo.

Side note: those headlights cost more then your civic or first gen luxury car you own.

Gabba Gabba.

Can you hear me now?


The new Subby 4doors are so nice!

HKS X Endless X ADVAN is like puttin carmel/sprinkles/whip cream/chocolate and the cherry ontop of the best ice cream that your about to eat!

Ya dig?

I dig 🙂

P.G Motoring Japap X JLUG

Nissan FUGA.

Nissan Skyline ( G35) in the back.

I gotta say not bad. Im feeling the wheels to the leather top.

Something you dont see everyday thats for sure.

oh and there is also a P.G Motoring in the USA.

A question I got a while ago….

I was asked what was one of my favorite cars, granted im sure they probly thought skyline, ferrari, lambos or some other form of crazy exotic car. Which I do. but…..

1925/34 Rolls Royce Phantom I

The car is just a beautiful piece of art, to the fullest.  If I had the chance to own a brand new Murcielago TT 1000whp+ or  this old school. I would pick old school all the way! Hands down!