This is y..

I dont like building cars as much anymore…

ok the build is super sick.

shit, same set up I wanted to do,  from the cage to the color and wheels..

I guess its back to the drawing board.

So I guess no more BN kit. no more signal green paint. awesome….

Hmmm I wonder if I should

exceptd in white.

Do this to my momz car lol

I do have spare wheels and I can get some suspensions parts…

although gotta say the new mazda3 slammed and sittin “flush” looks pretty good might just do it for shits and giggles on my momz car hehe.


Thailand is just killin it.

makes me want to ditch the whole Q45 Idea and jsut get one of these.

Amazinly they are really luxurious on the inside.

Toyota camry,  Toyota avalon to us, could be a camry, not sure still doin my info research hehe.

so crispy..

From what I have heard its daily driven at this height.

From what I saw at the Vegas SEMA VIP meet.

he does.

mad props.

Give me Liberty

Or Walk! lol

some Liberty Walk( LB PERFORMANCE) love.

so what do you do to a $500k car?

you buy a full CF kit($100k+)

You put bags on it 🙂