A JDM movie

Iheard this story over and over before maybe not in those exact words.

I myself  kinda have the same background, my cousin had a 93 honda civic sedan on SSR mk3’s and hks exhaust ( this is back in like 1995) i thought it was just a ricey car that was loud. Got more involed in the scene and here i am today.


she was fun


such good memories in my old mazda3


2.3L 5speed


homemade ram air intake with cut stock box ( LOL )

custom 4-1 race header (friend made it for me in cali)

straight pipe exhaust with canister( some ebay thing it was free)



ADVAN v.1 wheels( gunmetal) 16×7.5 +32offset(not pictured those are RX8 stock painted flat black)

roll call stickers ( added like 12whp) lol

JDM axela badges

8k H.I.D( some no named brand i think from xtra light?)



had tein S-techs then switch to eibach sportlines final set-up was Ksport coilovers(flunkers blew on me)



willans 4point harness

project Mu pedals and shift knob

had so much fun in this car .. to bad i blew the motor twice lol