Tribute to OG S14’s

I know I posted these before, but I have to have a lil tribute to them specially the black s14, I saw that car once in cali, you do not know how insane the widebody is!!As for the black one I remember it was for sale, then I heard rumors it was totaled who knows.

I know the primer S14 is long gone due to an accident RIP.

Kingpin’s long lost twin

Actually this one is from 326Power,Japan

and not from canada lol.

A while ago I did a feature on Kingpins Y34 ( search it) he got some BBS but then sold for some more fancy wheels. 

Stay tune for the updates 🙂


I know most if not all of the world knows about what happend to Japan with the tsunami/earthquake, if you dont well….what rock were you sleeping on? lol

If your from las vegas or visiting las vegas come check out the show.

Show some support, donations will go to Japan. Fun for the whole family

We Need More this

And less Toyota Prius on the road, specially when they drive them like Indy cars on the fast lane and then bitch about how they get crapp MPG.